The most important, and critical, components of Specialty’s food safety program are our state-of-the-art, high-volume steam treatment/pasteurization systems in Lodi and Modesto, CA for seeds.

With 3rd party validated 5log kills on pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, flax, chia, millet and other ingredients, we offer one of the largest, safest portfolios of specialty ingredients in the world.

Pasteurization effectively kills microorganisms while protecting the natural taste, organic status and appearance of the product. It is natural, chemical-free and gentle on the product.

One of our multiple kill-step options is our steam/pasteurization line that runs in our Lodi, CA facility. Here’s how it works:

  • The product is pre-heated, then loaded into the pasteurization chamber in bulk bins.
  • A deep vacuum is applied eliminating all air from the chamber
  • Steam is injected in the vacuum where it penetrates all the space available
  • The temperature of the product rises uniformly throughout the chamber
  • The pasteurization temp is maintained in saturated steam conditions for a few minutes, calibrated to achieve the targeted kill. In a vacuum, steam can be applied at lower temp so the food is not “cooked.” The entire content of the chamber is uniformly and entirely treated, with no hazardous “missed pockets.”
  • A formal cool-down phase completes the cycle


The plant where the line resides meets rigorous certifications and is SQF-III, QAI, HACCP, Kosher and ISO certified. We can provide customer with product specifications, allergen statements, nutrition labels, COA’s, kosher certificates and organic certification.

This short video overviews our commitment to food safety and highlights our pasteurization service.


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